Lansweeper: Microsoft Warns for Windows 10, Version 1703 End of Life

Windows 10 1703 Reaches End of Life on October 9, 2019

Microsoft is warning admins to move PCs from Windows 10 version 1703 for Enterprise and Education to a newer, supported version of the operating system.

The Windows 10 1703 Enterprise and Education editions will reach End of Life on October 9, 2019, and you can’t pay for patches either. The Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, and IoT Core editions of Windows 10 version 1703 reached End of Service last year, on October 8, 2018.

There is no extended support available for any edition of Windows 10, version 1703 and will no longer be supported after October 9, 2019. That means no more monthly security updates containing patches for the latest security threats.

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