Windows 8 End of Life

Windows 8 EOL

Microsoft Will Execute the Windows 8 End of Life in January 2023

This means that it will stop all support (including paid support) and all updates (including security patches). But have no fear: between now and January 2023, there will be extended support for the Windows 8 Operating System. Microsoft still offers paid support and continues to provide security updates but will not release any other type of updates.

Why is Microsoft ending the support for Windows 8 Microsoft Operating Systems historically go end of life after several years of service. Microsoft is now aiming to get everyone on the Windows 10 platform which they will continue to update over time.

The beginning of a life cycle starts when a product is released and ends when it’s no longer supported. It’s important to know the key dates in the life cycle so our users can make decisions about when they need to upgrade, update or make changes to the hardware or software.

Can I upgrade my Windows 8? Yes, it’s recommended to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 as soon as possible. The earlier you do that, the earlier you can begin to enjoy the advantages of Windows 10.

Why should I update to Windows 10? It has superb support for apps that have similar behaviour over multiple devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets). Then there are tons of new features like the personal digital assistant Cortana, virtual desktops and other handy features.